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Hi Motdoc! I just wanted to congratulate you on a great entry. Having visited this region a few times I racked my brain to remember if I had visited the place. And yes, I did visit it - just last year as it happens. It's more commonly called Dún an Óir (Fort del Oro or Golden Fort) in the Irish language, and it situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the Irish countryside - right on the western edge of the Dingle Peninsula in Kerry.

A lot of the earthworks are still there for all to see, in a very delapidated state of course, but fascinating nonetheless. (Not a great place for small kids though!)

What interests me about the position of the fort is what a dumb place it was indeed to pitch a fort. From a strategic point of view it would only make sense if you were interested in staying put (and even that wasn't too bright, as events showed). It is extremely isolated, and any force attempting to move inland by foot into the Irish heartland would have very few options, as even today there are very few routes eastward. An invading army would be a sitting duck for defensive forces.

Thanks a lot for enabling me to re-live a very nice memory!

smiley - peacedoveWoodpigeon

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I was there!

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