A Conversation for Life in the Trenches of World War One

"Tragedy of boys".

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There was a battle in WW one, in the South Pacific Sea and a (German or British) ship was hit fatally.
It turned upside down and from a distance you could see young boys in uniforms run over the bottom of their ship.
As a group, they moved like a snake over that last footing, to avoid the big sea waves that partially flooded the bottom of their warship.

The bottomless tragedy of these young boys - children - will remain in my conscious as long as a live. I had seen something that cannot be unseen anymore.

Most of us realize the tragedy of girls and women in a male dominant society. And it truely was and is a great tragedy.

But there is also a "tragedy of boys".
And this is an example of it.

These were our "children".
Millions of these boys died and were wounded in many, many wars,
created by "the adults" in their societies.

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"Tragedy of boys".

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