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Poisonous jellyfish

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Greetings to MarkII from the Prototype.

Am I in the right place for discussing this entry? If not, too bad.

I seem to remember dire warnings that one should never swim in the lake because of the poisonous jellyfish. Or was that just over-zealous aunties? (Doing the warning, not the poisoning).

And how can one not mention the obligatory walk up Lough Ine Hill, which provides the best viewpoints of the lake, and the only means of escaping the seemingly ever-present school parties. And what about the little harbour at Barlogue (spelling?) just beyond the rapids? A lovely peaceful spot.

Also, I seem to remember a tea-room in one of the nearby cottages, in summer only, but that was a few years ago.

Poisonous jellyfish

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Metal Chicken

Hello aging sibling smiley - winkeye
Yes this is certainly A place to discuss this entry. What's happened is that this is a copy of my original version (the one linked to from my page) which will be edited for the official Guide status by Sam or whoever he allocates it to. Any comments you put here should be noticed and duly considered by the editor and this conversation will probably stay attached to the final edited version of the article. Where others can add anything they like when the edited version goes public.
Now on to your comments.
1. I couldn't verify the poisonous jellyfish warnings of our aunties so thought it safer to leave them out. It's definitely true though that anybody swimming needs to be careful what they tread on so they don't get spiked by sea urchins or whatever.
2. The Lough Ine hill walk does get a mention. Paragraph 4, about the surrounding woodland and walk up to the top.
3. The harbour (where Barloge Creek meets up with the lough) probably deserved a mention when I talked about following the road round the edge of the lough. However I can't make any more changes now so it's up to the editor. There were a load of divers emerging from the water when we were last there, maybe they don't need the special permit to dive there given they're technically outside the lough.
4. I didn't see any signs for a tea room this year so probably best not to raise people's hopes and then have them dashed on arrival.

Poisonous jellyfish

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