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rhesus disease

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im from new zealand and i was wanting to know if there has ever been a case of a baby dieing 8 weeks after birth due to having the rhesus disease? because my baby died and at 8 weeks there was nothing wrong with her and the thing was is that when she was released from hospital after 2 weeks no one checked on her and when she died she had a blood count of 20 now i was also wanting to know was this preventable if she was kepted an eye on?smiley - sadface

rhesus disease

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Well, to be honest i am not sure about after birth, but just wanted to ask if you are 1st - rh negative, and 2nd - if you had regular monitoring of your blood during your pregnancy and 3rd - Was this your first pregnancy?
I am currently 32 weeks and have an Anti D level of 17.6ml smiley - sadface, which have risen slowly since i was 10 weeks. I have had weekly scans, bloods and regular fetal monitoring to ensure baby is ok. It is all very uncertain and i have found that very few people know anything about this disease, as it is so rare now with the injections that are given at 28 weeks, 34 weeks and after the birth of a rh positive baby.
This area is a minefield, and i wish you all the very best in finding out what happened.
Good Luck.x

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