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Killing Zoe

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I notice that this omits Killing Zoe for which Tarrantino had a production credit.

Can't remember enough details to edit it into the main entry, so I'm mentioning it here.

It was a heist gone wrong film set in Paris, Zoe being one of the few characters in teh film who actually doesn't get killed.

Killing Zoe

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Yeah, I didn't include everything that Tarantino had been involved in over the years. Executive producer is really more of a financier than anything else, and Killing Zoe was really Roger Avary's thing alone. Specifically (and intentionally) lacking in the article are QT's more obscure production and acting credits - I figured people can use any of a number of online resources for that.

Killing Zoe is notable perhaps for its similarity to Tarantino's work from the same time frame (1994). This is most likely due to it being written/directed by Avary, who at the time (as mentioned above in the article a fair amount) was working closely with his frient QT on some scripts and ideas. I felt it sort of spurious to compare/contrast RA with QT too much in this (already very long) article.

Thanks for pointing it out here though! smiley - cheers Similar along the lines of the original version by the (now MIA) researcher 216133, I nearly reworked this article into a comparison/contrast between QT's style and that of some of his followers/cohorts like Avary and Robert Rodriguez ... but as I said, it was long enough. smiley - winkeye

- JD

Killing Zoe

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A Super Furry Animal

From what I remember about Killing Zoe, didn't QT get his name removed from the writing credit? I certainly remember it being promoted in London as being a Tarantino film - his name was on the posters.

Erm, the main guy is called Zed.

Killing Zoe

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Which is why I mentioned it really.

The publicity I saw played very heavily on the QT connections.

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