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An Airedale dog

Airedales are a very agreeable and fun-loving breed. They have a sweet disposition, but tend to be cautious of strangers. They are very loyal and intelligent. They have very good eyesight and hearing, are very agile and have unending courage. Those qualities make them great small game hunters, mainly hunting foxes, badgers1, weasels, ducks and birds.

Physical characteristics

Airedales are the largest dogs in the Terrier family. On average, Airedales have a mass of about 20-23 kg (44-50 lbs), and measure approximately 58 centimetres (23 inches) in height at the shoulder. The Airedale's coat is tan with black areas on the sides and upper parts of the body. An Airedale's ears have a half-drop and the tail was traditionally docked2. Their fur is very wiry and it is generally kept short. Airedales require lots of care and grooming, and should ideally be brushed daily.

Airedale Terrier History

The Airedale breed originated in England during the 1860s, by the crossing of the terrier and the hound3. Airedales were also one of the first breeds to be used as police dogs in Germany and England in the 1900s, and during World War I, Airedales were being enlisted by the Russian and British armies - they aided the Red Cross, locating wounded and carrying messages. It was said that Airedale Terriers could do anything another dog could, and still lick the other dog.

Extra Information

The life span of an Airedale is approximate 12-14 years. The Airedale Terrier makes a good jogging partner because of his athletic physique. So, an Airedale's ideal owner should be strong, athletic, and confident. Airedales need a lot of space to roam because of their inherent activeness, so apartments are generally not the best of places for them to live.

1In the UK badgers are protected and should not be hunted.2Docking for non-working dogs is now illegal in the UK.3At this time the people wanted a large dog that could work hard in water as well as on land.

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