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I've read alot about BeOS, and it seems to me that for the media professional this should be the OS of choice. It seems to be vastly more versatile and powerfull than windows or mac OS, and has a fundamentally better design for media apps than any other operating system. I plan to download the free version as soon as I get the time, and I think anyone who does alot of media work should to.

I do a lot of multi track audio, which seems to be excatly what windows (or mac OS) is not designed forsmiley - steam, so I want something better, and BeOS might be it (of course it might not), but I would urge anyone who does a lot of media work to give it a go, and see if it can offer you anything, (it might, it might not) but the more support it has, more developers will get behind it, and stuff will start getting ported. smiley - biggrin

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