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Hi I’m a little concernedsmiley - erm at the minute about all the marketing to children. In particular the direct advertising that is currently going on. Like all of these adds that are on the television, during times when they no that children will be watching. More to the point I hate them advertising all of this JUNK smiley - choc food to children. They keep bombarding children with these adds day in day out, that send children the massage to pick fast food over, healthy food. No wonder the U.K has one of the highest childhood obesity levels in the world.
I think that children should not be directly advertised to. I feel this because they are only children, their minds are not yet developed enough to make such important decisions such as to eat healthy or not.
If anyone else has any views at all on this would b keen to know. Thanks
smiley - biggrin

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Any views??

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