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hurtling down hills...

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I am Holtag

on these precarious twowheeled vehicles, while putting one's body in danger, it is considered fun? How odd...

hurtling down hills...

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Bullet Proof

Quite yet it promotes a sense of excitement like no other...

hurtling down hills...

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The Fish

Yes, hence the invention of Disc Brakes for bicycles.... smiley - winkeye

VERY USEFUL! smiley - bigeyes
smiley - fish

hurtling down hills...

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Researcher 228643

I love it...especially the part where I hit my front brake (disc) and go hurling head over wheels down the hill.......I'm okay........

hurtling down hills...

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O.K. downhillers, your comments
please on the CBR Gatecrasher from Falcon cycles.
My wifes just bought herself one and we would value your opinions smiley - ale cheers

hurtling down hills...

Post 6

Al Johnston

Ah, the ultra-lightweight face-brake option...

smiley - devilsmiley - pirate

hurtling down hills...

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Hotblack Desiato : Bwarm! Brawm! Baderr! ! something...

I'm afraid the CBR didn't appear as any of the bikes ridden by the top 50 males or females in the world cup downhill racing records for 2003 yet, however, it has been known for bike frames to be re-badged e.g. The Jamis sponsered MBUK team of a couple of years ago actually used re-badged Intense frames, so you never know, Steve Peat (doff cap in respectful manner) might actually be on a Claude Butler Racing frame re-badged as an Orange 223.

smiley - jester


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