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Brandy Bottle (1+7+8+0!+0!+4! = 42)

Yes - I know - died-in-the-wool afficianados of the radio Goons would never even think about thinking about the Telegoons, would they?

I just think that someone ought at least to mention them. I'm sure all us fans (of the real Goons) had their own mental images of the various characters, even if we had never seen any of Spike's sketches, and most of us were a little shocked at some of the puppets that appeared on the Telegoons. I personally disliked Eccles' "sack" clothes and Bluebottle's nose, but loved the representation of Henry Crun.

This series was originally aimed at an adult audience, but actually ended up appealling more to teens & pre-teens. Probably the best that came out of this series was the introduction of these bizarre characters to a whole new generation of listeners (maybe watchers at first, but I'm sure many later became listeners).

Lots of info re the TV series at telegoons.org, including a quite detailed history starting way back at the Grafton Arms - has a nice embedded MP3 of Bluebottle asking Eccles the time


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hello branndy bottle just aline to say good on my inards wobbled atthe sight of telligoons i have most of the oudio stuff how????do ya get hold of the telligoona?? any how all the best /timsmiley - ok

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