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Climate change

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I bought the Climate Change DVD watched it 3 - 4 times its all makes alot of sense accept we are facing population keep on breeding to wards 6.5 billions and more,and the demand for fuels are on the rises so the prolution of carbon on the rises we already experiencing earth quakes, cyclones, more flooding,drought extreem whether patient,and wars going on right now with hungers and dying of shortage of food and water.
Mean while the melting of the Ice from North and Sought pole and animals are the first victims then humanity.The solution is may I sugests we need to stop breading and reducing population to 3 billion world wide and grow more big big tree like oak tree and more big tree to forme big cool shades help to keep the planet cool and provide more oxigen. Let face it less people less demand on resources less prolution of carbon.
We are the species that can controlling our own destination at the current rate we are killing the planet, our self and the future. I dont mean to be negative as I am can see the evident and I think we need urgently act right here right now other wise we could facing thermal run away in year 2012 which not that far away
Let take a snap shot at the current sittuation we have wars over the Midle East,Terorists,lots of flooding going on right now hundred and thousand some country million peoploe home less and dying of stavation,no food and clean water,earth quake recently over Quiaty left million home less still not enoght resources and aids, oil price still going up which mean we can't get enought of it (more carbon prolution than ever before),aid virus going to wipe out Africa nation if no cure soon and then Thailand and the world economic crashed recently which no country going to cut emittion right now so every body,every nation completly don't care about climate change . I would like Sir David give me a feed back I am very much interested what your view of my concern of the world climate smiley - wahsmiley - sadface

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Climate change

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