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Inherent washing machine problems

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Duvets are a disturbing irritant when it comes to washing machines. Depending how many poppers, or buttons, are left undone, even the smallest duvet can take on Tardisian proportions when it comes to knickers and socks.

You start the wash with everything occupying separate, if adjacent, space. An hour later, open the door of the machine and there's only one item inside: the duvet, strangely mis-shapen and somewhat bulkier than previously.

"Ah ha!" I hear you say "It's obvious; it's full of all the rest of the washing."

Don't be lulled into that false assumption, dear washer. Upon emptying said duvet, I can guarantee that there will be one pair of knickers and one sock (soooo annoying) that WILL NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN.

Duvets are dangerous. They're hiding my socks. Please can somebody help?

Inherent washing machine problems

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Researcher 220282

Hi smiley - smiley

Welcome to hootoo .. no your safe I'm not going thru a greeting smiley - laugh I came across your name on the United Friends spacesmiley - smiley

If I come across any of your socks I return themsmiley - laugh could you look out for any extras they are more than likely mine smiley - flustered.. ..I wonder if there is a black hole linking *all* washing machines smiley - yikes

Blessed Be

Jonathansmiley - zoom

Inherent washing machine problems

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One hole for socks and another for knickers?

Is it possible to have two rifts in the space time continuum in the same location?

And how do you fix it?

Inherent washing machine problems

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Researcher 220282

smiley - laughsmiley - huh two rifts interesting idea ....also are they random in there connection or always 'routed' to the same co-ordinates


Inherent washing machine problems

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Are we talking duvet *covers* or the actual interior duvet itself?

In any case, here are my duvet washing issues:

1. The cover has to be dried by itself otherwise a sodden lump of (usually towels) wet laundry finds itself into an inside corner, twists the rest of the duvet cover around it and makes a massive cotton bowling ball that thunks about your machine.

2. The (*male* side) velcro closings for the cover attract every thread and pet hair for miles around until they are a mass of fibre with the sticking power of a credit card.

3. The duvet itself fits into a dryer when wet, then rapidly expands until the part that is touching the door *burns* itself by repeatedly rubbing against it.

4. When you put the two together it is almost impossible to fill the cover with the duvet itself, and even when you do you get lumps or one side or end that has too much *fluff*

Just saying....

smiley - laugh

Inherent washing machine problems

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Possible solution to your problem; Before putting your washing in the machine, put the small items, socks, knickers, hankies etc, into a pillow case. This may seem like extra layers through which the cleaning stuff has to work its way, but the reward is in recovering a full compliment of small items. It's always worked for me, so far.

Inherent washing machine problems

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

I've found a sock. Iwonder if it belongs to any of you as I don't recognize it at all.

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