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How odd it feels I wrote that stuff. My English was questionable (still is but I am stubborn) and I had little information. When is someone going to take the chance to update this entry? Someone who actually KNOWS about the place...

I'll put down the things I DO know.

Restaurants: All I have been to have very nice food. Tvakanten on Avenyn has the best, and you pay for it too. Although not as much as you would expect. A part of 7 paid 550 SEK (£45) for a full meal including dessert wine.

Wedding arrangements: The Direktorsvillan in The Tradgardsforenings park is very nice. A smaller wedding party is required as only 30 people (plus 5 at seperate table) fit in for a sit down meal. 50 people standing/dancing/walking around/laughing. Plus a few children, two falling into the fountain .

Weather: Dramatic and sunny, sometimes rain. Windspeeds of 2m/s at autom (approximate value) which can be raw cold and undramatically horrid.

Heaters: Most restaurants/cafes has heaters and supply blankets for outdoor eating in spring/summer/etc.

I'll stop here. I don't live in Gothenburg. I love the place but I am only a visitor. I am moving to America, g-d help me smiley - smiley.

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