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Aunt Sally

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Shep Parsec

The pub where I work (the Flying Machine in Witney, Oxfordshire)boasts its own Aunt Sally team and from what I can decipher they seem to be reasonably good.

The game is all very well and good but it is the before and after that worry me. The before being the organisation of fixtures, which is left to Rabbit ("I'll just 'ave this one and go"...five pint later staggers off) and the after being the beer leg of the game (which I think is played in two legs) where grown men drunkenly hurl sticks around.

Aunt Sally

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The Wisest Fool

I wondered what it was like to be on the receiving end of a bunch of drunken stick chuckers and now I know smiley - smiley
The thing I like about this game in particular is that it's one of those rare games you can play in a beer garden. Maybe pubs in Windsor have pub gardens with Croquet lawns, but I haven't seen any.
My next favourite pub game is one I'll be playing tommorrow, standing with a group of people I don't know all shouting at the telly and spilling beer over each other [i.e. England v Scotland footy on SkySports].

Croquet Lawns

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Shep Parsec

Croquet lawns !?!?

Windsor must have an entirely different class of pub (what,what, tally ho!). In witney pubs your lucky if they change the sawdust once a week (only kidding).

Went into a particularly interesting pub yesterday evening - The Eagle Tavern. To get a drink you have to be able to produce a bus pass and also be able to understand a thick rural Oxfordshire accent (think ooh ah).

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