A Conversation for Traffic Circles

The French

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Zebedee (still Pool God after all these years)

I could be wrong, but I understand that on French roundabouts, people joining the junction have priority over those already on it. How sensible and, dare I say it, very French.

The French

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This system does have its drawbacks. If the roundabout gets congested, then people coming on to it have the right of way to congest it a bit more, while the people who are on it are unable to move and clear the jam.

The French

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Researcher 39527

Even the French have come to realise that for cars coming on to the roundabout to have priority over those already on it is an utterly crazy system and merely causes chaos. They have started to put signs on roundabouts now that say "Vous n'avez pas la priorite", or something close to that, meaninng that they have adopted the much more sensible English system.
While we're on the subject of boring anally retentive nonsense, why do the Americans insist on calling their imperial measurement system the English system, when we have been using metric for ages? Is it because they secretly want to put the blame on us for that Mars probe disaster?


The French

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The High Duke of Mars

Yes. smiley - smiley

The French

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Zebedee (still Pool God after all these years)

It's to distract everyone from the last Ariane mission - they couldn't just put the damn thing in space, had to involve a bit of Gallic flair and blow the thing up.

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