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when my first kid was weaned, like a lot of parents i read labels carefully and when it came to yeast extract spreads, which are in the end a vitamin supplement, i decided on promite. odd that no aussies have mentioned that brand tho it shares shelf space with both marmite and vegemite. it is easily my whole family's favourite of these types of spreads and it's usually cheaper as well.

as for kids being brainwashed or whatever to like it, it is my experience that kids just love it. i think kids like foods which combine saltiness with sweetness and yeast extract spreads are both of these things, especially when put with white bread or crackers.

where people from cultures unfamilar with this sort of product express 'disgust', i think this is just shock of the unfamiliar. and in the end, if you've had soy sauce, then you've tasted something very much like vegemite/marmite/promite.

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yeast extract spreads

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