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I'm a little vegemite!

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I'm sorry but I have to say, I love vegemite, I love it with cheese and yes I'm afraid to say I loved it on multigrain bread with lettuce, it just seems to go together. While most people cringe about that last one, who cares?. Sure it is strong in flavour, thats why you don't spread it thickly. I'm 18 and I still love it, no one spread it on my dummy, infact I only first tried it when I was 10, and I eat it pretty much every day, and do you know what? I know many many people who do as well, and those people know people who do etc etc etc. So when you say things like this, what proof do you have exactly? How can you say an entire country doesn't like something because you don't? I think you go a bit far here, even if it is a joke.

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I'm a little vegemite!

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