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New Zealand Vegemite

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A kiwi friend of ours has NZ vegemite sent over to Holland where she lives, even though Aussie Vegemite is pretty readily available. She swears it's a completely different taste. We suspect the only different is in the labelling. Certainly both taste totally disgusting, not like the delightful Marmite we know and love.

Can anyone confirm or deny our suspicions?

New Zealand Vegemite

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Your friend is correct. The taste of NZ Vegemite is, although not ridically different, certainly not as harsh as the AUS stuff. NZ Vegemite is slightly the more palatable of the two. The one to be weary of is the NZ Marmite - in my opinion it is wholly fowl! The best way I can describe it is that it gives me the same wretchful feeling as if I ever eat a raw carrot. NZ Marmite tastes dodgy on the "dip finger" test and its unfavourable qualities come out when combined with butter on hot toast (it also looks like tar! UK Marmite is still the Don of these spreads although the reason I don't tend to buy it too often is that its treacly consistency usually means I get it EVERYWHERE (clothes, worktops, floor, etc,.) The HUGE 910g jars of the AUS stuff is therefore the one for me!

In case you're wondering, I am from the UK, but have had a secret life long affair with these jars of treasured goo! I had to cold "cold turkey" for three weeks while on holiday in Turkey (shiver, shiver.)

New Zealand Vegemite

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New Zealand Vegemite ? Insanity!

New Zealand Vegemite

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Dear NZ Vegemite lover,

The reason you get addicted to vegemite is because the high b vitamin content raises seratonin levels in the brain and gives you that feel good relaxed energy. Many people are deficient in seratonin and other related brain chemicals because we live in a stressed world and don't eat enough green vegetables. So it's no wonder that even if it doesn't taste very good that kids still love it.

So here's a toast to you and your NZ toast spread. Thanks for letting us know the difference between several brands of vegemite.

Just a note to let you know from msgreenjeans/wholehealth counselor.smiley - ok

New Zealand Vegemite

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As a Kiwi, I whole heartedly agree Austrlaian vegemite is an unnatural fly blighted retch inducing concotion not fit to be fed to dingo maggots. Not that I've ever tried it, but it's an important to keep down to the usual standard of Trans-tasman relations smiley - winkeye.

However the real point of this email is to point out our Pomgolian freind is misusing New Zealand Marmite. Unlike the inflexible Pommy marmite, New Zealand Marmite does not require white hot toast & butter. It can be applied on white or wholemeal bread, crumpets, rolls or crackers, with butter, with margarine, with cheese, with potato chips, with lettuce - in fact pretty much as with any savoury item. It is simply vastly more flexible. It is also more potent than English marmite, so more economic, but, needless to say, needs to be spread thinner if an unfortunate experience does not result.

Now, will anyone write an article on Brufax?

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