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VCR or Stupid user?

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Do NOT take this personally - anyone of you!

I've heard this from all over. You see it in movies. Read about it in books and tv-shows. The ever lasting complaining about how complicated VCR programming is. It seems that the majority of people have clear difficulties with this.

I can agree to a few arguments. Most manuals are very badly translated - what ever your language is. Even if there is pictures it CAN be hard to understand what they mean. Also some function is kind of hidden from plain view and therefor hard to find without help.


I do not know if I'm smart and every body else stupid? I have never had any particular problems what so ever. I do not know any people who have had any problems of the kind so often mentioned.

As I see it: If you want the machine to do a number of things there is a limit to how few steps this can be done. A good rule is: if you make something 'idiot proof' only idiots will ever use it.

Manuals and functions CAN be mande more clear and practical BUT so can the users IQ !!

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VCR or Stupid user?

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