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Banned books

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bludragon, aka the Dragon Queen of Damogran

Why DO they ban books? Who does it? What do they ban?

Find out about why people ban books, some of the things that have been banned, and stuff about intellectual freedom [in print AND on the internet] go to http://www.h2g2.com/A199109.

The article is sorta long, and [mostly] serious. But it is an interesting kinda thing. Especially since most of my favorite authors have been banned.

The winner? Seems to me that Kurt Vonnegut wins currently, with John Steinbeck coming in a close second.

Comments, controversy and debate welcome!



Banned books

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If a book is banned, it means that, in all probability, it forces the reader to think, and probably about something that the reader has neither the capacity to understand, or the desire to read. They probably also find the book offensive due to some deeply held and ultimately false belief forced into them during childhood and formal education.

Banned books

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wow, it's been years since your conversation, but i have a thought to put out there in case anybody comes along in two years to respond...

i live in ohio and went to a pretty liberal school where my teachers focused on banned books because, lets face it, there are some damn good once-banned books out there(it's hard to believe that one of my favorite books: to kill a mockingbird, was once banned). book stores here try to sell some of everything, even hitler's mein kampf. i have a friend from newbury, england who was on exchange here this past academic year and spent the summer with my family. he saw hitler's book in the store and was astonished at the fact that it was there at all. i thought "it's wonderful how liberal america is and i wonder what else they ban in the uk." then he said that it wasn't that it was banned, it was just offensive to have it in a bookstore whilst people could still remember. that leads me to believe that america is a pretty offensive place indeed and we really don't pay much heed to the "outside" world. and the bush administration is out there to prove me right!
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Banned books

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CHeEky CHeRub

Oh my god!
I have just read the list of books that have been banned and was shocked to see some of my favourites on there 'Of smiley - mouse and Men', 'The Shining', which makes me realise how privilaged I am that I am now able to read these stories.
It makes me think that the people who actualy ban the books are quite pathetic, and frustrates smiley - grrme to realise that, even in the fantasy life of bookworld, we are told what we can and can't read.

Isn't it bad enough that the "gestapo approach", constantly badgers us in everyday life. They are when we turn on the tv. to watch a sitcom, or when read magazines telling us "the perfect look" or things we witness on a daytrip, or going to work?

Weren't we brought up to make decisions on our own judgement?

Shouldn't we be allowed to decide whether we want to read a particular book or not? be it good or bad?

The books should be on the shelf for our perusal not locked in a dusty warehouse away from smiley - bigeyes & sticky fingers.

Anyway enough from me.
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