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vaguely safe

Less well known but just as important are the various conjugations of dude:
(my favorite) duditude


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Also, 'dude' can be used in the Judeo-Christian Biblical sense as duderonemy.


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dudette, dudess or dudemeistress - No example needed here, the feminine of dude.

dudely and dudelyness - That dudely dude just wafted dudelyness when he entered a room. The quality of being a dude and the having of that quality respectfully.

dudeality - In all of dudeality, he was the only dude that stood up to the Principal. The universe of the dude.

dudeability - That dude sure had dudeability. An ability to do almost anything.

dudeathon - The drama club had a dudeathon of improv to test the skills of the dudes and duds who wanted to join. A test of dudeability.

dude-iful - Lo and behold, in walked the most dude-iful dudette that ever graced a dude's party. Someone having beauty worthy of a dude.

dudeing fork - Quit being a dudeing fork! No definition.

dude food - This dude's party sure has great dude food. Snack food as normally found at a party or get-together.

lewd dude's rude chewed food - The Dude's party was full of a lewd dude's rude chewed food. Bad snack food.

Hey-- Anyone else want to suggest dudewords? I think I'll compile "The Dude's Dictionary"!

smiley - bigeyes


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I would recommend that you turn to 'The Big Lebowski' for research material, among the gems contained therein are:

elduderino - for those not into the whole brevity thing
duder - as opposed to dudder
his royal dudeness - for that touch of class

and many others besides. It has the added advantage of being a damn fine movie.


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