A Conversation for The Word 'Dude'


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Hey Dudes (collective)

This dude (singular personal)is now fully informed, and grateful to the dude (singular impersonal) who took the time to inform us dudes (both singular personal and collective impersonal) of the 'dude' (not personal in the least) definition available for use in everyday dudeness (neither personal or impersonal more of a state).

This dude (singular personal presumption) thanks you.

Dude (singular)
Researcher 98893 soon to be Stellamonster


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May I humbly suggest "Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure" for the Award "Best use of the word "DUDE" in a motion picture".


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You may indeed. Or even their Bogus Journey: "Yes sir... dude... sir... dude!"

How about a section on pronounciation according to use:

"Diiiiihhhhuuuuuuuude" for pot-heads, say. smiley - smiley


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As noted by comedian/actor Rob Schneider, other meanings for "dude" include:

You messed up: "Duuuuuuuuude"
Come over here: "Dude" (with appropriate index finger gesture)
Are you in the house with a knife: "Dude?"

As with any language, it must really be heard to be appreciated...



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And, of course, the infamous back and forth in the not the least bit infamous movie Baseketball must also be referenced here, I think...


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np dude smiley - winkeye


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I think you dudes have way too much time on your hands to anaylyze the meanings and uses of the word "Dude". We don't really need to dude.


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Researcher 93445

Just to inject a small note of pedantry, the original meaning (such as it is) survives in the phrase "dude ranch" -- yes, there are still dude ranches out there, and people even pay good money to be a dude for a week. The mind, as a friend of mine says, boogie-woogies.


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Tim the Magrathean

Surely the best recent use of the word has to bee in South Park, where it is used in single word senteces for a variety of different meanings. Of course, the correct spelling of the South Park version is 'Dood!'


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I disagree smiley - sadface. Anything that defiles the dudelyness of the word dude should not be considered.

"A dude by any other name will not sound as tart." --William Shakespeare, The Dude

"Ask not what dude can do for you, ask what you can do for dude." --John F. Kennedy, The President Dude

"Four score and seven dudes ago, our fathers brought for on this continent, a new slang. Conceived in dude-ity, and dedicated to proposition that all dudes are created equal." --Abraham "The Gettysburg Dude" Lincoln

Just some fun with Dude quotes. smiley - smiley

smiley - bigeyes


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And now I understand the true meaning of the term 'dude ranch'. I thought it was were you went to be a dude for a week, not because your were already a dude. It's funny how newer understandings of words supercede their real meaning for those unfamiliar with the word's origin. Luckily I will now not book myself on a dude ranch holiday and make a fool of myself with complete ignorance by spending the week riding round whilst playing air guitar and saving the world and thinking it's totally kewl to be a dude.


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Dudes, 'The Big Lebowski' is also a good movie to reference for proper dudeage.

The main dude's name is dude, and he uses the term frequently and in most every form.


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Lady Belle

Another related word to 'Dude' is the Australian version of 'Mate'.
Same properties relate to this...such as:
Mate - (Greeting),
Mate! - (Expression of disbelief),
Mate? - (Questioning)...

So on and so forth...

As you can see that Dude and Mate go hand in hand, linking both American and Australian english.


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pie'o pah

Dude, I have had entire conversations in Dude. It was most triumphant


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Yeah, one of the dude references I forgot to mention (oh so many weeks ago), the Adam Sandler "Dude" sketch. The only word used is 'dude'. That wasn't referenced in the article was it?

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