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When is a Yorkshire Pudding not a Yorkshire Pudding

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Although I am not a Yorkshire-man my grandparents were, and they always maintained it was NOT a Yorkshire Pudding unless it was made under the joint (as described in the article, but these days in the oven). Anything else is a batter pudding, and that has stayed with me all my life.

I’m afraid that I have met many more Yorkshire-men that call batter puddings Yorkshire puddings than those that remember the original dish. It would appear that the Yorkshire pudding has gone the same way as the Hamburger (can’t be called Hamburger because it’s not made of ham) and the Shepherds Pie that has to be made of lamb – both these dishes were made of scraps of meat minced up – any meat available! We live in a cookery sanitised world.

When is a Yorkshire Pudding not a Yorkshire Pudding

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As it is impossible to correct published typos, for "made under the joint" (first para) please read "cooked under the joint" - I have visions of the cook sweating away in the oven!!!

JohnW1st smiley - cheers

When is a Yorkshire Pudding not a Yorkshire Pudding

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Thought i'd drop into this conversation, being a Yorkshire Lad myself. We used to have Yorkshire's every sunday as a kid, and yes as a family a little short on funds, they used to be large to fill the belly rather than the meat. smiley - smiley
Mum used to also put jam on left over Yorkies, but it was only at a reception for a cousin's wedding where i had them as a starter with onion gravy. I suppose it varies where you were brought up in Yorkshire.

As for other foods being sanitised, Shepherds Pie is Lamb, but Cottage Pie is beef, still a good meal. I used to have it with Marrowfat Peas when my brothers and i had been to see some motor racing, we then finished with a Rice Pudding made with Evaporated Milk and Treacle, sticky and very yummy smiley - tongueout


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When is a Yorkshire Pudding not a Yorkshire Pudding

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