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Yorksire puddings only have one egg

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Only one egg in the recipe and half milk half water - and they are nothing like a cow pat

From a dedicated Yorkshireman!

Yorksire puddings only have one egg

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I have tried Yorkshire puds many times with one egg and they are just not as tasty and they do not rise so well, i always add a teaspoon of suet which gives a great texture on the bottom along with perfect crispy edges, i am famous for my Yorkshire puds! And im an essex girl!
Its all about the sizzle!!!

Yorksire puddings only have one egg

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You may be famous for them, but they won't be as good as any made in Yorkshire as noone outside of Yorkshire can cook them properly.

They are the best things in the world!

they only have one egg.

Yorksire puddings only have one egg

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modern recipes cut back on the eggs dramatically. this was probably reflective of real life cut backs; world wars, depression, rationing etc. as much as the modern movement towards making printed recipes less heart attack inducing. it is possible there has been some loss of folk memory on this.

but if you read really old recipes for yorkshire pud they have lots of eggs. i have seen ones that have 6 eggs or more for a standard baking dish sized pud. and the only thing that makes it rise is the eggs. one egg won't do it.

Yorksire puddings only have one egg

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One egg will make it rise.

At least it does when my great nanna, nanna, mum and i have made them.

Yorksire puddings only have one egg

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i suspect you are talking about very tiny puds. most of the recipes have at least 1 egg per cup of flour. (one here has 4 http://www.blunham.demon.co.uk/Yorksgen/Recipes/Savoury/index.html#MrsBeetonsYorkshirePudding) but a pud made from 1 cup of flour isn't going to go very far. least not in our house.

if your granny had the talent to make a light yorkshire pud with only one egg then she must have been a champion in the kitchen. most of us would get something resembling baked polenta. *s*

Yorksire puddings only have one egg

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My family have always been able to make them like that. we have quite big ones.

My great nanna was a cook in service though and her skills and recipes have been passed down the generations

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