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runner bean trees

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Sea Change

I was well rewarded to look up the Ilawarra Flame Tree the last time I read an Australian article on H2G2, it's a beautiful specimen. Because of this, I am curious about the trees you have mentioned here, Frenchbean. smiley - blush

Does the runner bean tree have a more specific name? I can't get a "runner bean tree" result from Google. Are they tamarinds?

The custard apple that appears on australian websites looks a lot like what we call a cherimoya here in California. They both seem to belong to Annona and need hand pollination, only I think of cherimoyas being from the Andes, and one of the Australian cultivars has an african-sounding name. Do you think they are the same?

The strawberry tree results I get suggest an Irish cultivar. Are these a different plant, or a lychee, or an australian variant?

runner bean trees

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Hello Sea change smiley - smiley

The Strawberry Tree is also known and the Panama Berry Muntingia calabura and is indigenous to tropical America.

Custard Apples are the Atemoya family and include Cherimoyas smiley - ok

Runner Bean Trees are a variety of tamarind, but I don't have any details about them. Delicious is all I care about smiley - drool

smiley - cheers
Frenchbean smiley - star

runner bean trees

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Sea Change

smiley - cool Thanks, Frenchbean!

runner bean trees

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I have a fabulous book about tropical fruit, so ask me anything you like smiley - bigeyes

F/b smiley - star

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