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Other than the beer, the fries and the chocolate, which can be had in every other city in Belgium, Brussels is the kind of place people with great literary talent and a wicked sense of humour would coin the phrase "Belgium, man, Belgium !" for. I can't think of someone like that right now, but I'm sure there must be at least one guy around these parts who qualifies.
This won't be a posting about the numerous things wrong with Brussels because, in fairness, there is only one thing truly wrong with it : it was built.


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As a current resident of Brussels I think your comments are harsh to say the least.

I find Brussels to be a liberal minded, friendly, cosmopolitan city with a vast array of culture (both populist and highbrow) that is readily accessible to all.

It is true that the beer, frites (with compulsory mayo of course) & chocolate are available all over Belgium; however there is a bewildering array of cuisines available in Brussels, bars that are open 24 hours a day etc etc.

Overall a good place to live in my view.

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