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warsaw: not to be confused with...

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warsaw is a town in poland which is sometimes confused with walsall in the west midlands.

however, clever observers wil be able to spot several differnces. the first most important is geography: while warsaw is often described geographically as "in poland", walsall is best described as "just up the road from my house".

another key difference is that, while warsaw has the "warsaw pact", walsall has "the walsall illuminations".

both places then can be seen to have their charms, but families who wish to delight under the glow of hot wires sealed in a vaccuum should go to walsall, and those who want to go to poland shouldn't.

jon, birmingham

warsaw: not to be confused with...

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This is such a great comment...


warsaw: not to be confused with...

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An very funny, yet informative point, I was planning to go to Walsall next year for my holiday, it was only upon reading your entry on this subject that I realised that I really wanted to go to Warsaw!!! I would have been standing looking at those lovely lights rather than making my way up the Trade Center to get a glimpse of the outstanding view if it hadn't been for you! Luckily I managed to get down to the travel agents and change my destination.

Cheers mate.... can you guess who it is??

warsaw: not to be confused with...

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Darnit! Even us H2G2 veterans can make a few mistakes... smiley - winkeye

Anyway - Moke, this is for you bud: http://www.h2g2.com/forumframe.cgi?forum=24616&thread=25217

And to everyone else... hi! smiley - smiley

warsaw: not to be confused with...

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Um...I mean, http://www.h2g2.com/forumframe.cgi?MESSAGES[(THREADID*27621?forumid*24616)THREADS[(THREADID*27621?forumid*24616?subset*0)# of course. Right.

When are we going to get that delete button again? smiley - winkeye

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