A Conversation for Warsaw, Poland

some quick corrections

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1. The stalin gift is not the trade center but the palace of culture and sience
2. Many people in Warsaw speak excellent english
3. the night clubs are not 60ies and 70ies but rather today-ish. I can recommend Piekarnia, ask the taxi drivers where to find it.

cheers, potocki

some quick corrections

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The Preacher

And the palace of science & culture has the best lift I've ever been in - ear popping and fast. it's a great view from the top as well.

Warsaw was a strange place. I think it can either be a great place on a sunny day or the most depressing place in the world on a grey rainy day. I think the beer helps balance out the rainy days. Mmmm..... Someone else posted an article on Krakow, I would really recommend that if you visit Poland in summer, you have to visit..

One more thing. For some reason, Polish versions of fast food restaurants seem to be the best in the world. I had the best McDonalds, KFC & escpecially Pizza Hut meals ever.

some quick corrections

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this is not true only in poland. while i'm not a fan of fast food in general (especially being veggie), i'd much rather eat at a russian mcdonald's than an american one. this is because all the ingredients are domectically produced in russia, and usually much closer to where they are used. plus, agriculture is on a much smaller scale. so, you have small individual farms raising tomatos (and cows) by hand, and shipping them a few kilometers to the plant, instead of huge agrobusiness farms raising genetically modified tomotoes (and cows) and freezing them and shipping them all the way across the country, etc etc

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