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when you sign the ticket - what is there?

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when you enter the bus/tram or underground and sign the ticket, some identification is printed on it. I will describe them here.

At most RIGHT, there is time of your entrance, as HH:MM. This time is impotrant because from this very time the validation interval is counted.

left from the time is combination LDDRYY.
L is some letter which I do not know what does it mean.
DD is day you signed the ticket
R is vertically oriented roman number of the month
YY are two last numbers of the year.

At the left side there is some identification of the bus/tram line you have used or the underground station where you have signed the ticket. This is important when you use the non-transfer ticket. In the underground you can go at most next 4 stations from the you have entered with the non-transfer ticket.

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when you sign the ticket - what is there?

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