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Responsible for everything from scientific studies to cover-ups about UFOs, this group of people1 is mindbogglingly large, perhaps encompassing much of society. The problem is that anyone accused of being a part of Them2 denies membership, going so far as to say 'They should do something about that' whenever something disagreeable happens.

They who? Indeed, that is the question, and anyone who learns the answer obviously does not live long enough to tell anyone about it, or else we'd all know by now.

It's Us vs Them

Be careful to avoid becoming entangled with this surly bunch, for you will regret ever moving against them. Above all, never trust anyone who says, 'They say here that riding elephants over Niagara Falls is outlawed.' Not only is it still perfectly legal to ride elephants over Niagara, but it's much more comfortable than riding a porcupine.

They cannot be trusted!

1They may be people. No one has ever seen Them so we don't rightly know if They're people.2That is, most of society.

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