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Oily or dry?

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Recent advances in peanut butter technology have eliminated the little puddle of oil that formed in the scooped-out space. I kinda liked it slightly oily. It was much easier to spread on toast and didn't leave you gagging for liquids.

Oily or dry?

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Decaf Silicon

Indeed, peanut butter is now dry because it's hydrogenated. This is in fact a very bad thing.

See, peanut butter as it was originally made separates -- the oil settles on top. Now manufacturors add hydrogen to the oils to make them fats. This fills the molecules by filling all possible electron bonds with the carbon molecules in each lipid (oil/fat molecule).

Now the problem: Oil is a rather healthy fat, as those leftover bonds can by used by enzymes to break down the fat. Hydrogenated fat, or saturated fat, can't be broken down as easily. Instead, it's stored, often in the bloodstream.

Natural peanut butter is, therefore, healthier. It's still available, and the only reason people don't buy it is either:
1) They're now used to the taste of overfattened, artificial stuff and the price is a bit lower anyway
2) You have to (gasp!) stir the peanut butter with your knife! Not only that, but the peanut butter (which always disappears ages before the next shopping trip) has a slightly shorter shelf life.

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