A Conversation for What To Do in the Face of Certain and Imminent Death

Pascal's Wager

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I can't help but wonder whether Pascal regrets his rash wager now that he is - presumably - in someone else's hell.

The point being that even if Pascal (or anyone else) decides to embrace religion, s/he still needs to decide which religion. Since there are thousands of mutually exclusive religions, our budding theist is very unlikely to find any benefit from a sudden conversion. There is a further theological problem in that God / Gods / Goddesses need to be slightly gulliable to fall for such thin 'faith'.

We are, of course, all facing death. My prefered method is calm acceptance. Whether I could maintain such a detatched attitude while falling from a plane I am not quite sure, but I doubt that philosophy would be the first thing on my mind - I would probably be rather more concerned about physics and biology (and what happens when the two are combined smiley - winkeye).

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Pascal's Wager

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Lucky Llareggub - no more cannibals in our village, we ate the last one yesterday..

Like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle I'd probably make rash promises to come back from the beyond with the proof of life after death and then fail to live up to expectations.

Pascal's Wager

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I think I'd like to take it calmly, which in my case means lying down.
Display beds in furniture shops have always held an irresistible attraction for me. And once I'm horizontal, I get sleepy, and VERY disinclined to move. My son shares this trait. My husband does not.
I fall asleep giving blood.
I fall asleep in yoga sessions.
I get sleepy in a dentist's chair.
A friend used to say, 'I'm so tired I could sleep on a clothes line.' I haven't tried it yet, but we've only got an airer.
So, if death really is The Big Sleep, I shall hope to be in bed for it, with or without my boots on; or passing the And So To Bed window display in clean knickers when the Number 29 mounts the pavement, bearing all before it.
Meanwhile, it's past my bedtime.
Just in case.
Goodbye, and thanks for all the - smiley - winkeye

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