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Origin of the term "Beat Generation"

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The author mentions that the term "Beat" originated in a conversation between Kerouac and "Alan Ginsberg." First off, it's ALLEN Ginsberg (don't feel bad, though, it's only fair that Ginsberg gets a misspelled name once in awhile instead of Neal Cassady always being called Neil Cassady, Neal Cassidy, or Neil Cassidy). But the main problem here is that the conversation was between Kerouac and John Clellon Holmes, writer of 1952's GO and friend of Kerouac/Ginsberg/Hunke/et al. As a matter of fact, Holmes later wrote an article on the subject called, I think, "This is the Beat Generation." It was published in the New York Times (please don't shoot me if it was the Post, though). Keep the faith...

Origin of the term "Beat Generation"

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Thanks for the correction. I appreciate it.

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Origin of the term "Beat Generation"

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