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IBS: Gone but not forgotten....

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Clive: Researcher 47734

Good article! I am always amazed at the number of people you meet who admit to being IBS sufferers. It must be on the increase - either that or more people are realising they have a problem and are going to their GP.

My IBS was diagnosed after an extended period of doctors telling me I had a stomach ulcer, and prescribing a variety of anti-ulcer pills. Eventually a doctor at Uni (it was my final year) who was a little more clued up than the rest suggested IBS, and after all the usual tests to rule out other nasties confirmed it. A combination of anti-nausea pills and a radical change of diet helped. By the time of the final diagnosis I was reduced to existing mainly on scrambled egg on toast, the only thing that I could stomach, and I weighed about 10.5 stone (I'm six foot four!). My personal nasties (it's different for everyone) were greasy and spicy foods and alcohol, so I became a veggie and stopped drinking for 18 months (at University! It can be done!). Four years later I am OK, I can drink, am still a veggie (and never felt healthier) and eat the odd curry without any ill effects. Stress can still trigger the old symptoms though (food-related nausea and a continual interest in the location of the nearest loo), so I have to try and keep a fairly relaxed view on life, which is no bad thing.


IBS: Gone but not forgotten....

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Bran the Explorer

It does seem that there is more attention to IBS these days, so this might be an explanation for the apparent increase in diagnosis. I was landed with it about two years ago - I mainly experienced pain in the upper right of my abdomen - so went through the run of tests: ultrasound of major organs in the vicinity, urine tests, and finally the fun of endoscopy (both ends)! When that was all negative, then IBS was the probable culprit.
Nowdays,however, I rarely feel any pain, as I have managed to isolate the foods that irritate me: dairy products and wheat (primarily the former). Having stopped their intake for about six months, I now find that I can have have the occasional dairy product and not suffer the consequences. I also when to a homeopath when the discomfit was at its height, and he gave me belladonna - which stopped the pain almost immediately! It was quite incredible ... and I was uncertain whether it would make any difference at all.
My theory is that now that my system has not been irritated for a while, it has become more robust, and it is again able to take the things that caused the irritation, albeit in small doses.

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