A Conversation for Dolphins

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Dinsdale Piranha

So. Dolphins. Do they feel like wet boiled eggs or what?

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Dolphin Girl: Patron Saint of Incoherent Ramblings; Keeper of Flutes and Singing Watches

They feel kinda rubbery but not horrible. Smooth. It's really hard to describe. Hopefully someone is better at it than I am.

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Dinsdale Piranha

Well, actually I think they DO feel like wet boiled eggs. Although boiled eggs don't leave a sort of slime on your hands. I know this sounds horrible, but they don't feel slimy when you're touching them. It's only after that you think 'What's this stuff on my hands?'.

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I have never heard dolphin skin equated with wet boiled eggs, but that is actually not a bad analogy.

I have been asked that question a lot and never really had a good answer for it. It strikes me though that wet boiled eggs are a bit soft and if the dolphin in question is in good physical shape that are apt to be quite muscular and so the skin won't give as much as a wet boiled egg.

Word for the wise. If you ever find yourself touching a dolphin, you will most likely be touching it's fluke (tail). If this is the case, make sure you look into it's eyes and not at the place you are touching. This is hard to do, but very important. It would be like having a conversation with a person and staring at their feet. They keep wondering why you don't look at them (ie: the eyes). In other words, if you don't look into their eyes they will think you are rude.

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The Vagabond

From the couple of times I've touched a dolphin, they felt like the trainer had inflated them that morning. They feel like wet rubber
inflatable toys.

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