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How many Ls?

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There are 457 Ls in:
Methionyl glutaminyl arginyl tyrosyl glutamyl seryl leucyl phenyl alanyl alanyl glutaminyl leucyl lysyl glutamyl arginyl lysy­glutamyl gycyl alanyl phenyl alanyl valyl prolyl phenyl alanyl valyl threonyl leucyl glycyl aspartyl prolyl glycyl isoleucyl glutamyl­glutaminyl seryl leucyl lysyl isoleucyl aspartyl threonyl leucyl isoleucyl glutamyl alanyl glycyl alanyl aspartyl alanyl leucyl­glutamyl leucyl glycyl isoleucyl prolyl phenyl alanyl seryl aspartyl prolyl leucyl alanyl aspartyl glycyl prolyl threonyl isoleucyl­glutaminyl asparaginyl alanyl threonyl leucyl arginyl alanyl phenyl alanyl alanyl alanyl glycyl valyl threonyl prolyl alanyl­glutaminyl cysteinyl phenyl alanyl glutamyl methionyl leucyl alanyl leucyl isoleucyl arginyl glutaminyl lysyl histidyl prolyl­threonyl isoleucyl prolyl isoleucyl glycyl leucyl leucyl methionyl tyrosyl alanyl asparaginyl leucyl valyl phenyl alanyl asparaginyl­lysyl glycyl isoleucyl aspartyl glutamyl phenyl alanyl tyrosyl alanyl glutaminyl cysteinyl glutamyl lysyl valyl glycyl valyl aspartyl­sryl valyl leucyl valyl alanyl aspartyl valyl prolyl valyl glutaminyl glutamyl seryl alanyl prolyl phenyl alanyl arginyl glutaminyl­alanyl alanyl leucyl arginyl histidyl asparaginyl valyl alanyl prolyl isoleucyl phenyl alanyl isoleucyl cysteinyl prolyl prolyl aspartyl­alanyl aspartyl aspartyl aspartyl leucyl leucyl arginyl glutaminyl isoleucyl alanyl seryl tyrosyl glycyl arginyl glycyl tyrosyl­threonyl tyrosyl leucyl leucyl seryl arginyl alanyl glycyl valyl threonyl glycyl alanyl glutamyl asparaginyl arginyl alanyl alanyl­leucyl leucyl lysyl glutamyl tyrosyl asparaginyl alanyl alanyl prolyl prolyl leucyl glutaminyl glycyl phenyl alanyl glycyl isoleucyl­seryl alanyl prolyl aspartyl glutaminyl valyl lysyl alanyl alanyl isoleucyl aspartyl alanyl glycyl alanyl alanyl glycyl alanyl isoleucyl­seryl glycyl seryl alanyl isoleucyl valyl lysyl isoleucyl isoleucyl glutamyl glutaminyl histidyl asparaginyl isoleucyl glutamyl prolyl­glutamyl lysyl methionyl leucyl alanyl alanyl leucyl lysyl valyl phenyl alanyl valyl glutaminyl prolyl methionyl lysyl alanyl alanyl­threonyl arginyl serine.

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