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Your 55 letters short!

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You said that the word was 1,913 letters, yet it only has 1858 letters! That means you're 55 letters short.

And no, I did not count the letters by hand!

Your 55 letters short!

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If you are going to be pedantic, you're 1 letter and an apostrophe short.

Now which is the biggest error, missing 55 letters from a completely unmemorable word of 1913 letters or failing - miserably - to have a grasp of basic English?smiley - winkeye

Your 55 letters short!

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Well, given that the article is supposed to be about the longest word, being 55 letters short is by far the biggest mistake. This site is supposed to be about information, and you clearly have yours wrong. smiley - winkeye

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