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Whoop-Whoop is a small insignificant town in the bush of Australia. It is often used in the Australian Slang expression 'way out in Whoop-Whoop,' which is equivalent to the other Australian phrase 'beyond the black stump,' both of which mean 'way out in the middle of nowhere.' Coincidentally, the middle of nowhere is exactly where Whoop-Whoop is.

The town of Whoop-Whoop has exactly one post office, one church, one pub, and about ten point five houses1 and a total population of 46, which mainly consists of elderly senior citizens and farmers. They used to have a school, but it closed down because the school wasn't being used enough, so the one remaining student has to shuttle into the next town, Jameison (which has a total population of 93), to be educated.

1The point five of the ten point five houses being a hut with only three walls and a fireplace as the fourth wall burnt down during the fires of '89 and the owner, one Mrs J Egarbury, never had the presence of mind to fix it.

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