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Plastic Ono Band

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Plastic Ono Band is known as John Lennon's 'primal scream album'. With the production of this first solo album, Lennon exorcised some of his demons and threw off anything that remained of his goody image from his time with The Beatles.

The album contains 11 tracks of fairly simple music dispersed with the odd heavy song. The album seems to be John's message to the world - 'The dream is over'. The style that he wrote songs for The Beatles was no more; Lennon took a fiercer approach for Plastic Ono Band, saying exactly what he wanted, how he wanted to say it.

Songs on the album include:

  • Mother
  • Hold On
  • I Found Out1
  • Working Class Hero2
  • Isolation
  • Remember
  • Love
  • Well Well Well
  • God
  • My Mummy's Dead
1Which, incidentally, is used in the end credits of the Douglas Adams' episode of The South Bank Show.2One of his most famous solo recordings.

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