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From the very beginning I was really in love with his albums made by the so called "Plastic Ono Band". The name itself was lovely absurd.

I can remember ; "John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band"

and "Shaved Fish" (with Instant Karma, Happy X-mas,etc).

These are the two and only by this Plastic Ono Band.
Am I right?

Of course I know he made many more albums under his own name.

Greatings from Amsterdam, Alfredo

More Plastic Ono's.......

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Seagull's Lost Horizon

most of his solo album were just him or with yoko, but there were others who worked with him

there's also the plastic ono band with flux fiddlers

More Plastic Ono's.......

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Is there any name of that Album you're referring to, "within your horizon?".

I do "know" 13 albums of Lennon, not chronologically

1. Wild and Honey
2. Double Fantasy
3. Live in N.Y. city
4. Live peace in Toronto
5. Rock 'n Roll
6. Every man has a woman
7. John L. and the Plastic Ono band (Remember/God/Working Class Hero)
8. Shaved Fisch/Plastic Ono Band (Instant Karma/Happy X-Mas/Oh Yoko)
9. Imagine
10 Some time in N.Y. city
11.Mind Games
12.Walls and Bridges
13.Men love Ave.

Plastic greatings from Alfredo

More Plastic Ono's.......

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Seagull's Lost Horizon

well that's milk and honey,

also two versions of the john lennon collection, and the lennon legend, bot best of's.

a unoffical version of rock 'n roll, called roots, slightly different tracks.

the john lennon anthology, 4 disc box, or single cd called wonaponatime (?)

a coupls of odd albums, life with the lions, the wedding album, and two virgins, but that's experimental kind of stuff.

Every man has a woman?.


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Thanks very much, Seagull etc.

Greatings from Plastic Amsterdam


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Seagull's Lost Horizon

ok there is also the soundtrack album to the film imagine.


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Don't forget 'Live Peace in Toronto' an Apple live album of the Eric Clapton/Klaus Voorman/Alan White line-up which, I think, is now available on CD for the first time. I've just reminded myself to get this as I can't touch my mint vinyl copy!

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