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The Viking

I'm sorry to be the one to be pointing fingers, and i do not know if the entry has been approved, but I do know that the Swedish people are named Swedes and that you need to take a look at the sentence saying: "this makes Danes very proud about OUR country". There is a natural disagreement between the third person "Danes" and the highlighted "our". Since the rest of the text is in the third person perspective you might want to correct these small errors. This is meant to help not to offend you, because I find your characteristic of us quite amusing as well as accurate.
Kind Regards
The Viking


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JJ42 (2^5+(6+6)-2=42)

The above remarks goes for the following as well:

In his spare time you can always get a Dane to say nasty things about the Swedish and
Germans (they are not doing this to be rude, but Denmark is a really small country, so they have
to boost our ego every now and then).

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