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South of Sweden?

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Researcher 174859

Denmark is located to the south of Sweden? I think not!

Denmark is placed south of Norway - WEST of Sweden.

As a Dane, I must appeal to The Guide, that this wrongful description of Denmarks location is corrected as soon as possible. It can mean disaster to many a traveller looking for Denmark, when they find themselves on the bottom of the ocean south of Sweden!

South of Sweden?

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As another Dane I must support my esteemed colleauges critique of the writ. Furthermore I must say that he (or she) has hit it right on the spot - the wrongfully given geographical location of Denmark is THE wrong thing in the article.

Must be off bed now. Sweet dreams everybody ;-

South of Sweden?

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triumph herald

Yes South of Sweden. Take a look at the coordinates of Copenhagen....the capital city.

South of Sweden?

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Could we settle for SOUTH-WEST of Sweden?

(Most of Denmark is located West of (South!smiley - smiley of Sweden
but the island of Bornholm is very much South of Sweden - AND
tend to get overlooked as being part of Denmark (for which reason
there is a - friendly - 'Liberation Movement' on the island).

South of Sweden?

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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

Isn't it true that Greenland also belongs to Denmark, which would make the Geographical centre of Denmark somewhere in Scotland?smiley - smiley

South of Sweden?

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I think the reason most Danes say that it lies west of Sweden, is that it lies west of the nearest part of Sweden, which in fact has been under Danish rule for longer than Swedish, (Skåne, Halland and Blekinge) whatever you may think about that smiley - smiley.

Greenland is not really a part of Denmark. It's part of the Danish kingdom, but they do have their own kind of government and the population of Greenland has nothing culturally to do with us historically. That's something we Danes pushed on to them. And we also pushed them out of Thule.

And what about the Faeroe Isles then? smiley - smiley

Denmark is just the little collection of islands (and Jylland) south/south-west of Norway/Sweden, and the rest is not really Denmark. It's again the "Denmark is a small country, so we have to boost our ego every now and then".

South of Sweden?

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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

It is true that Skåne, BLekinge and Halland has probably been under Danish Rule more than Swedish rule. After all, we've only had them since 1645. And as far as I'm concerned, you're welcome to take them back if you want...smiley - smiley

South of Sweden?

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Just a little note.
All that have been said about greenland being part of the danish kingdom is corect. But there is a little story about greenland. It is the only place the danes fought of the germans in world war two. The gaermans had sad up weatherstations on Greenland with out the approval of the danish government, they did it two times and both times the danish soldiers won. Against a larger german forse, the seccond time only one german was killed (the leader of the station)
he met the danish leader(while he was makeing recon for the near attack on the station), the german lost the gunfight. The rest of the german now knew that they had been detekted and redraw. The danes did not attack again because they had lost the element of surprise.

(fore the document about denmark, and the sice of the little mermaid)
And just another thing, the danes dos not complaine about the germans and the swedes. It's only old people in copenhagen hwo dos that. Its like the old american saying to a britishman, "we sawed your but in both world war, why can't you fight for your self". Danes are wery open minded. We have forgiven the german for the world war, and we don't have enything against them. Over the time the danes have thougt many wars with the swedish, we won aorund 50% of them. Bou again the danes dos not have any thing against sweden. Of cause we are not happy with the swedes who get drunk and run about in Copenhagen. But that its just a little procent of the swedish people. Its is'nt Swedens mistake, some people dos it it has nothing to do with there mother country.

And the danes don't complaine every second of there spear time, they hardly do it. I think the statement is rong and unfair.

PS. sory fore the spelling im just 16 yers old.

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