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The Beautiful People

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And Tuborg!!! smiley - winkeye

The Beautiful People

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No way.

The Beautiful People

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If only Holland or Italy were a little better at football, I wouldn't be so pained! A big thankyou to Sweden though, who saw us qualify, only to be beaten horribly by Romania and shown in the next rounds by teams of actual skill exactly why we weren't supposed to be there in the first place.

The Beautiful People

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OB1 (retired)

In general the Swedes are better looking, maybe because they smile more?!

It is funny that many of my Swedish female friends that come to Denmark are always saying how many beautiful people there are here in Copenhagen! My suggestion is that most of the people here are from Sweden/Norway/Finland and not Denmark!

Holland is a wonderful country and the people are some of the most truely freindly people I have ever met. I mean get this, I was traveling by train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and had to change trains unexpectently. I run around this station not knowing where to go, finally I find what I think is the correct platform. I am not sure the train there is the right one, so I go and have a look at the timetable. While I am trying to work out what it what, a Dutch guy nearby turns around and asks "Where are you going?". I tell him and then he and his friend start looking through the timetable for me! They work out which train/platform I need and let me know. No bother, no hassle, just help your fellow traveller smiley - smiley

The Beautiful People

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Oh yes, I'm very friendly too!! :-p
Dragged an Italian guy around Brussels Central to the train to Amsterdam... of course I did truly regret this after Holland lost from Italy... smiley - smiley

The Beautiful People

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Wlambr Therugia

I think, that this rather obscure discussion about beauty and Danes, does root in the fact that the first entry is flawed by the sentence: "…Danish people…most beautiful in the world!" Being a Dane myself, and thus in a prime position to observe Danes, I find it my duty to point out that not ALL Danes are beautiful. Some are, of course beautiful, some are just ordinary, and some are downright ugly - my self for instance one of the last (note the very interesting end of this last sentence, in which an important aspect of Danish culture surfaces - that of trying not to think anything good about oneself and point this out, or at least trying to think much better of anybody else - this trait is somewhat popularly called the Jantelov, but is medically nothing but a rather bad case of False Modesty Disease (FMD), which app. 45% of all Danes suffer from. 'Don't Panictm' FMD is only contagious if you are native to the country - back to the point). As it is a popularly held fact that beauty is a matter of taste, only a minor fraction of Danes can be regarded as actually being beautiful or at least moderately handsome, this is however unimportant. What is often forgotten is the limited capacities of the human brain, e.g. that it can only remember a certain number of people, some beautiful, some smart, etc. As I can only recall a limited number of people, say 100 of app. 5.5 mio, this makes Danes rather ugly (100 divided by 5,5 mio. = 0,000018). However it is next to nothing compared to say the Americans (100 divided by 200 mio. = 0,000005 < 0,000018) or the Chinese (100/1 billion = nothing at all). From this point it should be easily understood, that Danes are relatively handsome. We are outpacing the English and Americans (and the Swedes) badly, but are in turn out paced by Norwegians (100/5mio.) and people from Iceland (100/250000), not to mention those (him) from the Faroe Islands (100/(4+800 sheep))… Thus the first sentence should have read: "…Danish people… among the most beautiful in the world!"
Using the US as a case study with the above theory in mind, it should be rather easy to prove the theory of cumulative intelligence…

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