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Chocolate Chips

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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

How do you stop the chocolate chips from melting and running all over the place?

Is there part of the intrinsic design of a chocolate chip that prevents it doing so?

Or is this because of Quantum Cookie Mechanics?

Chocolate Chips

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The chocolate does melt, but it doesn't run - I don't know why though.
Maybe the chips are wellbehaved due to good upbringing?


Chocolate Chips

Post 3


I think it forms a bubble held together by the gloopiness of the chocolate..... smiley - smiley

Chocolate Chips

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Ah yes, the ol' cookie recipe urban myth...I've heard many versions myself...

Re: chocolate chips. There's an interesting story about chocolate chip cookies; see http://www.tollhouse.com/heritage/index.cfm for the full version. Seems a woman was making chocolate cookies for the Toll House Inn and ran out of time so she put in chocolate chips instead of melted chocolate, expecting it to melt. Well obviously it didn't, hence the Toll House cookie.

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