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And then there are the consultants

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Researcher 93445

Yet another category of weekend work: those of us who don't especially recognize weekends. For example, I make my living writing computer books and software. This is work I do at home, and so my office is only a flight of stairs away from me bedroom. And so I quite often find that I'm working on Saturdays and Sundays, simply because it's convenient and there are deadlines to meet.

The corollary, though, is that I also quite often find myself taking a break on alleged weekdays to do something else around the farm...

For the consultant, the weekend and weekday soon turn into an indistinguishable blur.

And then there are the consultants

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Fruitbat (Eric the)

While in the Infotec programme, most fellow students were working every day and most nights. The only distinction we saw between days was that the classes changed.
Now that I'm out on my own, and stuck between looking for work and becoming self-employed, I still don't see much of a distinction between days: if the sun lights up everything, that's daytime. If it doesn't, that's night. The only problems occur when having to accommodate those who insist on working some variation of 9-5, 5 days consecutively.
Public holidays can be a real nuisance, since I'm usually not paying attention to the calendar anyway, and then everyone follows the custom for that "special day" and I'm left wondering what's going on.


And then there are the consultants

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i heartily agree with u fruitbat! i hate bank hols-can almost guarantee they're the only time ill actually physically need to go inside a bank!

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