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Johnnie (Johnson) B. Goode?

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Steve K.

I've read that Berry wrote "Johnny B. Goode" with his piano player, Johnnie Johnson, in mind.


I've heard a version of the song (maybe by Johnson?) which changes the lyric:

"He used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack ..."


"He used to carry his piano in a Cadillac ..."

Some years ago, I attended a performance by Johnson at the now defunct "Fabulous Satellite Lounge" here in Houston. A Friday night gig for a couple of hundred at most, Johnson arrived the night before. He got a call at his hotel from Eric Clapton, who asked if he would sit in at a concert at the nearby Summit, with maybe 15,000 attendees. So Johnson did, then played the next night as scheduled. A great blues piano exhibition, BTW.

Y'know, I play a little guitar and piano, but Clapton didn't call me ... smiley - tongueincheek

Johnnie (Johnson) B. Goode?

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He was almost a "Founding Father" of pomusic for groups like the Rolling Stones, Beatles, etc.

He really deserves high status,as musician.

Greetings from Amsterdam

Johnnie (Johnson) B. Goode?

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Steve K.

Hello Amsterdam, greetings from Houston.

I'm not familiar with "pomusic", but I agree Johnson is one of the greats. Some samples here:


Johnnie (Johnson) B. Goode?

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thanks for the link.

the other day I saw at T.V. John Lennon - about 1976 - on stage with
Chuck Berry.

Beatles did Berries music evolve from "pomusic" into "popmusic" smiley - smiley

Chuck Berry; what a great man.

Johnnie (Johnson) B. Goode?

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Steve K.

Ah, "pop music". I AM familiar with that. smiley - ale

Yup, Berry was one of the true founders of rock 'n roll, his guitar lick for "Johnny B. Goode" is the signature lick of all signature licks, IMHO.

John Lennon was a fair songwriter himself smiley - tongueincheek, maybe partly because he had the good sense to hang around with guys like Berry. Also guys like Texas' own Delbert McClinton, who reportedly taught a young Lennon a few harmonica licks ("Love Me Do"). Samples here:


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Johnnie (Johnson) B. Goode?

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