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Santa Monica Promenade

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The 3rd Street Promenade is located in the oceanfront community of Santa Monica, just west of Los Angeles, California, USA.

The Promenade is set up north-south along several city blocks, closed to traffic, with the exception of cars travelling east-west at the end of each block. This arrangement makes for a large retail area, like an outdoor shopping mall, but in the heart of a city.

Shops range from independent record stores to haute couture clothing stores. However, owing to the fact that the Promenade is a well-known tourist attraction, the prices are often grossly inflated. It is possible to get good deals there, but one is advised to shop wisely.

On most weekend nights, the shops stay open late, there are a several bars within walking distance, and the zoo of humanity makes for interesting people-watching. There are scattered street performers as well, ranging from dancers to insane homeless people with electric guitars, to fully-fledged mariachi bands with professional-level equipment1.

1After all, it is Los Angeles.

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