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Gum - The Future

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Nolan Erupt

All this badmouthing (no pun intended, gumchums) of gum is all vey well but we could be masticating upon a building material of the future! - Look to the ground my friends - see how the hardened gum remains even when walked upon all day and every day by thousands of people - a modern miracle I tell you! When we are gone and the elements have taken their toll on our ruined cities only the gum will remain like stalagmites ! - We must build with gum - chew and build - chew and build - I see glistening spearmint spires - jucyfruit monoliths - hugehubbabubbahouses! join me!

Gum - The Future

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Researcher 121861

I know

Thaye just spit it poutr every were

Gum - The Future

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Oooh, I want a hugehubbabubba house! A *pink* one!

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Gum - The Future

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Steve K.

When I was growing up, we collected baseball cards, 5 to a package with one player's picture on each ~3"x4" card. There was also a piece of pink ceramic tile included, maybe 2"x3" and pretty thin. You could have built a house out of those. (The package claimed it was chewing gum, but I think that was a plot by dentists to generate chipped teeth for income smiley - yawn).

Gum - The Future

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BigAl Patron Saint of Left Handers Keeper of the Glowing Pickle and Monobrows

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