A Conversation for A Fun Activity to do with Christmas Cards

The 2008 Analysis

Post 1

BigAl Patron Saint of Left Handers Keeper of the Glowing Pickle and Monobrows

Reindeer; 4
Cats; 0
Dogs 2
Polar bears; 3
Donkeys; 2
Elephants; 0
Monkey; 1
Sheep; 10
Donkey; 2
Non-identifiable animals; 3

Solitary robins; 8
Partridge; 0
Turtle doves; 0
Hens/chickens; 0
Calling birds; 0
Geese; 3
Swans; 0
Penguin; 4
Non-identifiable bird; 2

Total = 58 cards
Total creatures depicted = 44
Mean creatures/card = 0.76

(When I nitially counted up the cards, I forgot the ones that Mrs BA and I gave each other, as they were in a different place. At this point there were a total of 42 creatures smiley - zensmiley - doh

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