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Liegh Delamere

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I would like to defend Leigh Delamere 'cos it was the only place( in 1988 ) that a bored 14 year old could cycle to ( from the improbably named Upper Stanton St Quintin ) and buy illicit ciggarettes smiley - smiley

Liegh Delamere

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The Dancing Tree

Hey, I've got nothing against Leigh Delamere! It's the place I always used to stop at on my often frequent trips between Cardiff and Reading. Mind you, that was only the service station, and I never used to go by bike due to a)not wanting to be arrested for riding a bike down the M4 and b)not wanting to get squished by articulated lorries. smiley - smiley

Liegh Delamere

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the aforementioned bike riding was done on local roads ( for local ppl smiley - smiley )
not on the m4 as that would be very silly !!! smiley - tongueout

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